A.-Customer ID is a unique set of numbers provided to every GG user for identification purpose. This is used for referral purpose also.

A.-Click on Forgot Password > Choose the option to receive your password reset link > Click on the link and Change Password.

A.-At the time of User Id creation you received an email containing your User details. Kindly check it or when you share the referral link, you can check your user ID.

A.-We demand Aadhar/Pan card for said process to establish the identity of User as we are giving real cashback to our user’s and secondly since these are monetary transactions and Banks are involved in the process, so all the financial guidelines set by RBI need to be followed. We also ask for the same for GG Relations as our Relations module is triply verified in order to avoid any fake identities to create a secured environment, we take utmost care of the security of all our users and unlike any other social platform

A.-GG gives you cashback through its copyrighted process. This Cash-back first comes as GG Money in your GG Rewards which can be then transferred to your Bank account. More Info..

A.-The 3 cashback options through which you can get cashback

  1. systematic cashback first in first out (SCB-FIFO)
  2. systematic cashback random pick process (SCB-RPP)
  3. instant cashback More Info..

A.-It is a systematic cash-back process in which cash-back / reward is given in 3 unequal installments of Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.8500, each as per unique auto-tagging system, where you have to do nothing except for generating your own UPVs by transacting through us for your daily needs.

Cash back cycle will start after UPV is generated and thereafter new user (counted globally under your UPV) doing the same and Cash Back will start through SCB as per tagging process on the basis of First in first out. More Info..

A.-It is a Cashback/reward process in which cashback/reward will be processed through the random selection of UPVs generated in a month. Cashback/reward will be processed monthly where qualifiers (users whose UPV has been generated) are arranged in a pool and the number of qualifiers and cashback percentage are decided as per process called SCB but unlike SCB process of FIFO (First in and First Out), where the UPVs are given cashback as per tagging system as and when new UPVs are generated, in this process of RPP , the system will randomly pick the User for any given slab/amount of cashback but there will be a guarantee of everyone getting the cashback/reward from minimum 2% to maximum 100%. Amount of cashback /reward given to any user will be randomly decided by the system but the eligibility for the number of qualifiers under any given cashback slab will solely depend upon SCB process only. The user which comes first or which comes last into the system has an equal probability of getting any amount of cashback due to the shopping done by others. Then these UPVs will be out of the

A.-It is USER PURCHASED VALUE. Cumulative purchase of Rs.10000/-from all segments through us is termed as UPV. It is a qualification tool by which the user become eligible for 100% Cash Back. A UPV is generated whenever a user complete shopping worth Rs. 10000/- through GG platform (website / app)

A.-SCB is a systematic cashback process in which cashback is given in 3 unequal installments of Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.8500 each as per unique auto-tagging system, where a user has to do nothing except for generating his own UPVs by the transaction through us for his daily needs. This money is a real cash which can be transferred into your bank account. Also get additional Rs.10000 by way of GG coin conversion as a fourth installment.


Systematic Cashback/Reward Process (SCB)
6 New UPVs under your UPV 5% Rs. 500 Cashback/Reward
36 New UPVs under your UPV 10% Rs. 1000 Cashback/Reward
216 New UPVs under your UPV 85% Rs. 8500 Cashback/Reward
1296 New UPVs under your UPV 100% Rs. 10000 Cashback/Reward


A.-To get 100% cashback, you have to make a cumulative purchase of Rs.10000 termed as UPV via GG platform (web or app ONLY) in a time span of 1 year and you will get 100% cashback in 3 Installments through our copyrighted SCBFIFO process. (More Info..).Not only this but you also get 100% instant cashback in the form of GG coin on generation of each and every UPV and get its conversion up to Rs10000/- as a fourth payout.

A.-No, you can shop from different segments available on GG portal through our app or website and cumulative purchase of Rs.10000/- from all modules will be termed as UPV. Also, you have 1 year to complete this shopping of Rs. 10000/-

A.-You can create one UPV in a time span of 1 year/ 12 months.

A.-It is calculated from the day User has made his first purchase of any amount as a User.


You get 100% instant cashback/Reward in the form of GG coins on generation of every UPV 

Shop---Pay----upload bills (some bills are auto tracked)---wait for vendor’s approval—after approval and on receipt of commission-----your spent amount is accumulated till it reaches Rs. 10000/---- after which it gets converted into UPV---then your UPV is sent to cashback/Reward cycle through SCB.

A.-Yes RPP results are declared every month on random selection and these UPVs are then removed from the system

A.-You can get 2% to 100% guaranteed cashback/ reward in a month. 2% is in the form of movie vouchers and rest in the form of GG Money.

A.-There is no cap on maximum number of UPVs.

A.-After last payout and after final cashback/Reward that particular UPV is removed from the system

A.-UPV generation depends upon the approval from the vendor and receipt of commission by the company from the concerned vendor. It varies from one module to other depending on the time taken by the vendor for giving us the commission. Usually, it takes 7 to 10 working days for generation of UPV for modules like bill pay, megabrand etc.

A.-For quick UPV generation we prefer megabrand, offline purchases as the Company gets commission within a short span from these vendors. UPV generation is directly correlated to bills approval and commission received by GG.

A.-Click on bill upload> select the GG vendor or best shopping website>your bills are available. Other auto tracked bill are available under Bill upload tab

A.-After getting commission from the concerned websites we sent your purchases to UPV cycle. It takes around 45 to 90 days.

A.-After getting approval and commission from the concerned vendors we sent your purchases to UPV cycle.

A.-You can check on your app or web which shows on which UPV generation, you will get your cashback/Reward instalments. Go to the sidebar. Click on UPV Cash Back. Here your UPV NO. is displayed. Click on the receptive UPV to know when each installment of your cash back will be received

A.-Yes GG stats shows the real time correct figures so that you can keep a track on the number of UPVs generated.

A.-Click on UPV cashback/Reward, it contains the details of your UPVs generated, click on the UPV you will get all the cashback/Reward stats of your UPV.

A.-GG coin is the reward money equivalent to Rs.1 which can be redeemed with new purchases to the extent of 5% of the bill amount while paying to selected vendors and GG coin which remain in GG Rewards till 4th cash back pay out will be compulsorily converted into GG money to the maximum limit of Rs.10000 per UPV and then user can get it transferred it to bank account

A.-GG money is the real cash given to the user by way of SCB cashback/Reward and other referrals. GG money can be immediately transferred to user’s bank account irrespective of the amount.

A.-GG Rewards contains your GG money and GG coins. You can use GG Rewards to pay, request and send GG coins. You can also transfer GG Money in your Bank Account from GG Rewards

A.-Both. On UPV generation user gets the instant cashback/Reward of 100% in the form of GG coins while user get GG money as per UPV cycle through SCB which can be transferred any time to the bank account irrespective of the amount.

A.-You can redeem your GG coins to the extent of 5% of the bill amount of selected vendors only.

A.-Yes you can transfer GG coin internally to any user of GG.

A.-No there is no such cap, you can transfer any amount of GG coin.

A.-You can transfer any amount of GG money to bank account, there is no minimum or maximum limit.

A.-GG coins can’t be transferred directly to bank account, GG coins lying in your Rewards will be compulsorily converted into GG money on 4th pay out, subject to the maximum of 10000/- GG coins. Then you can transfer it to your bank account just like other GG money.

A.-It takes around 5-7 banking days for the transferred amount to reflect in your bank account from the date of transfer.

A.-No, GG coin above 10000 will remain in your GG Rewards as it is and you can encash it with 4th pay out with after generation of next UPV.

A.-Full amount inclusive of all the charges will be considered for UPV generation

A.-UPV is generated after 7-10 days of the date of the journey.

A.-We don’t define the timeline but kindly have patience , you will definitely get your cashback depending upon the new UPVs generated in the system.

A.-Your UPV will be generated once you upload the bill and it is approved by the local vendor and commission is paid by him.

A.-All your purchases including bill payment, online sites etc. (except for few sites) are auto tracked by our system within 7-8 working days. (Exception: In case of local vendors you have to upload bill)

A.-You have to upload bill for purchase made from local vendors and from 4 best shopping websites (amazon, jet radar, divya pharma, hotelook) There’s no need to upload the bills from segments like Megabrands, Fuel Cashback/Reward, GG Services, Bill Pay & Recharge, Travel & Hotel Booking, etc.

A.-You can upload your bills through GG App. Open GG App > Swipe left > Go to Bill Upload > Choose Vendor/Best shopping websites, to upload bills from where you made purchase, respectively.

A.-Cashback is only initiated through SCB after UPV is generated when the cumulative purchase of Rs.10000 is completed, depending upon your cashback option.

A.-The amount of failed transactions will be refunded within 5 to 7 working days and it takes around T+5 days to reflect in your account after the refund has been initiated by the company, else you can raise ticket at [email protected] .com .

A.-The refunded amount will be credited within 2 to 4 working days, once it is processed by the company.

A.-As these websites gives us final approved transaction list and other incentives after 2 months, thereafter the UPVs are approved

A.-Yes, these transactions are auto tracked by the system within 5 to 7 days except in case of 4 websites namely amazon, divya pharma, hotelook, jetradar

A.-It takes around 5 to 7days to get reflected in your app/website.

A.-Your bill can be rejected because of the following reasons:

  • You have not made the purchase from our app/ website
  • You have made the purchases directly from these websites, without routing it through our app/website
  • Amount is incorrect
  • You have included the shipping charges and other amount
  • You have entered the incorrect amount
  • You have returned the product
  • Your product approval is not provided by the respective website
  • Few items are not traceable in the product purchased lost provided by the concerned website.

A.-You get digital voucher via email while physical vouchers are dispatched at the postal address you wished too.

A.-NO, You have to purchase the voucher first from our portal only for generation of UPV and cash back cycle.

A.-No, you have to pay usual as you were paying before, you just have to pay the original bill amount along with the applicable taxes.

A.-Go to bill upload option---select vendor option-----scan QR on bill--- enter amount----upload your bill----submit.

A.-Scan the QR which is there on the bill /cash memo given by the vendor. If bill is without the QR, ask for the QR available at vendor’s store.

A.-No, we are not charging anything from user, so pay only the correct bill amount

A.-Go to Rewards , click on pay, scan the QR, you will be redirected to payment gateway , make the payment as per available options .

A.-You can either register yourself as a seller and upload the items you which to sell or you can be a buyer to buy these items.

A.-You can refer other users by asking them to use your referral code while registering or you can also send the referral link directly from your app through email, whatsapp, sms etc


  1. Click on user referral then on share the link and then share the link as per your desired mode.
  2. Swipe left > Go to profile > select Refer to a Friend option > click Refer a Friend.


  • When the referred user registers himself on our app, you both gets 50 GG coins.
  • You also get 10% of the cashback/Reward received by the referred user as GG money.

A.-Yes,You can refer GG Application to your favorite local vendor and get extra benefit.

A.-To invite your favorite local vendors select vendor referral and click on share link icon/tab and then share the link as per your desired mode.

A.-As a reward from us you will receive 5% of the commission paid by the preferred vendor to GG in the form of GG money.

A.-FPV IS TERMED AS FUEL PURCHASE VALUE. GG provides its users 100% Cashback/reward equivalent to the Fuel amount on the purchase of GG water or GG co-branded water bottle. The cash-back/reward will be given as per the cash-back back option chosen by the user.

A.-One FPV is generated on the purchase of one GG water bottle or GG Co-branded water bottle.

A.-One FPV is equivalent to the price of one litre of Fuel.

A.-The three FPV Cashback options are:

  1. FPV First In First Out
  2. FPV Random Pick Process
  3. FPV Instant Cashback

A.-User who generates the FPV first will get the Cash-back first when FPVs are tagged as per SCB tagging system. Also get 2% of the fuel amount as Instant Cash-back along with GG Coins.More Info..

A.-System will randomly select the user and cashback percentage generated in a month. qualifiers are arranged in a pool and the system will randomly select the FPV and cashback percentage, unlike the above process FIFO users will not have to wait for their turn, they are randomly selected. users will get 2% to 100% cashback.More Info..

A.-Purchase a GG or GG Co-branded water bottle and get instant Cashback/ reward. No need to generate FPV as soon as you make a purchase you get cashback reward instantly in the form movie discount vouchers worth 100/- or 5/-. .More Info..

A.-Click on Fuel cashback > Scan QR you have received with your water bottle. Your FPV is generated.

A.-Click on Fuel cashback > click on three dots on top right > click change cashback. Choose your cashback option.

A.-Click on Fuel Cashback> Click of the respective cashback tab. You can check your FPVs generated.

A.-Make My Cart can be used If you don’t know how to place an order online, you can send your request through our app or call our local representative. This feature enables you to place your order by just uploading your wish list by writing on a piece of paper, we will then forward your request to our local representative. You can also directly call our representative.

A.-UPOS is a software through which you can start a new business or expand your current business and customer base by selling crores of products without investing on the inventory. For more info visit More Info..

A.-They are our on-ground sales support team and they recruit local vendors of their pin code and they will assist users of their respective pin codes with our functionality.

A.-We have mentioned the criteria and registration process on our website so you can register yourself if you want to work with us and then the decision if you can join us as ACP/CP will be on MCP (State Head)

A.-To Book Movies the user needs to log on to (website) and follow these simple steps:

Step 1. REGISTER : The user has to click on the Register tab to submit Movie Voucher No./Unique Code, Name, Mobile Number and Email ID. and register himself
Step 2. BOOKING : On successful registration the user will receive an OTP (Authentication number) on registered email id/mobile no.
By Clicking on the Booking Tab the user submits the authentication number, and Movie name/ select your Theatre/ Date/show time/and value of ticket to confirm the booking request (the user can check the price of the tickets online on the link provided on the website)/ The booking request has to a minimum 48 hours prior to the show
1. On entering all the mandatory details you will see a payment option for the balance amount (example: if cost of couple movie tickets exceed the voucher amount i.e. Rs 100)
2. Click on the pay now button (ticket amount* - discount value), and make the balance payment 3. You will receive the tickets 24 hours prior to your booking date , tickets will be emailed to your registered email ID
Step 3. Enjoy Movies: Present the Movie Ticket confirmation at BOX Office window to exchange for paper ticket and Enjoy your Movies.